The Family


 Joe (or Daddy, depending on who you are in the family) is a nearly qualified engineer who does all the cooking and none of the laundry. He loves motorbikes and making lists, and has an impressive ability to sleep through anything (is this a dad thing?). 
He doesn't like his picture but isn't willing to pose for another one, so the picture is staying.


Rory is 7 months old and learning everything there is to know about life. So far he loves cuddles, boobs, broccoli
boobs and being tickled. Did I mention boobs?
He takes after Joe in being super chill, and takes after me in loving his food. The food thing could also be Joe, we all love food in this family!


Olive is 18 months old and a livewire. She loves Daddy, any toys of Rory's that rattle, and cheese. She has an ongoing war with our postie (I thought that was just a clich√© but she really does hate him) and she is 150x more difficult to look after than Roo.

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